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Friday, November 26, 2010

Dunnigan Hills GO YOKO !

 After worrying about Yoko being too wide on her outrun, I should have remembered she would tighten up at a trial.  Most do.  And, Yoko was no exception.  Her outrun was pretty, but she came in flat and the sheep lifted laterally to her right.  Normally she is very deep behind her sheep.  hmmm.  The judge slammed her for that.  He took 7 off her outrun and 5 off her lift.  That was about the only inconsistencies I could see in the judging.  Some outruns I thought were very poor, and he took very little off.  Some were out in orbit and he took nothing off.  But, "on the whole" the judging seemed fairly consistent.  He was very tough on the open dog's drives and pretty lenient on the nursery and pro-novice drives.
Yoko wanted to go left, but I sent her right.  After talking to my husband on the phone, he asked me, "Where are the set-out people?"  I told him Bill was setting on his ATV to the left of the sheep.  He told me to send her to the left, come bye.  Heck,  for a non sheepdog man he was RIGHT ON.  Wayne said she will widen out from the pressure of Bill and his ATV.  Her outrun was picture perfect...wide and deep.  The judge took 3 off her outrun.  I think he thought she was a little short to one side.  But, she got 0 off her lift.  Looked pretty nice to me.  Anyway those 3 points cost us 2nd place. Actually, 1 point cost us 2nd place.

 Here's my Yoko bringing them through the fetch panels.  Her first run was pretty much like a slalom ski run.  She made her panels, but it wasn't pretty.  I'm not sure how he only took 5 off her drive.  She must have been too fast for him to see if the lines were straight.  LOL  I think she was a bit nervous on her first run.  After she got comfortable with the sheep and terrain, on her 2nd run, she received some nice compliments.

 Here's Yoko starting them up the hill to go clockwise around the post.  She is such a serious dog when it comes to working sheep.  She cracks me up at the post.....all business.  She tries so hard to be right.

 You can see how bundled up I am...two sweatshirts and several jackets.  Brrrr.

Yoko keeping a nice distance from the sheep going to her first drive panels.   No, we didn't have to do the HUGE crossdrive.  Both Pro-novice and Nursery got to do a pull through at the fetch panels.  That was far enough.

Still driving...good girl Yoko.  I can't tell you how much fun I have with this dog.  She's special.
What she doesn't have in talent, she makes up for in attitude.  The little dog that could....

 Driving past the meteor hole. Wayne says it is a water hole.  A meteor hole sounds more fascinating.

 Hitting the first drive panels nicely.  They thought about slipping by on the high side, but Yo was on it.

 Yoko making her turn towards the fetch panels for the pull through and then up the hill to the pen.

 Nice job little girl.  Smack dab in the center.  Yoko handled much better in her 2nd class.  She was in the 60's for class one.  Without the 12 point hit on the outrun/lift she would have won the class.  Her 2nd class she was in a 3 way tie for 3rd with an 81.  She took 5th.  I couldn't have been prouder with her run.  This was just her 3rd pro-novice class.

Yoko bringing them to the pen and you can see me having heart failure as the pen gate falls inward.

 Perfect pens....both days,  0 off.  The sheep were delightful.  The trial ran smoothly.  The dogs got in some good experience.  And, I'm certainly happy I went.  I am so PROUD of my girls :0)


Erin O said...

"What she doesn't have in talent, she makes up for in attitude."

A lot of try hard goes a long way ;)

Karen said...

Good job Yoko! Sounds like a great trial, and that Yoko won't be 'demoted' to doing agility any time soon:)LOL