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Monday, November 29, 2010


We always stop at the Sportsman Lodge as soon as we come into Kernville.  It's a tradition.  They have been known for their fabulous Bloody Mary's.  Not this year.  LOL.  Anyway, everyone in Kernville is super friendly.  There are lots of antique shops and a ton of stuff to do.  We got in at least 3 games of pool while at the Sportsman Lodge.  They invited us to have Thanksgiving with them.  How very nice.  We passed, but thanked them very much.

John and Melodie Sudick joined us this year in Kernville.  Here is Melodie beating Wayne at pool.

We have landed at beautiful Corral Creek.  A perfect spot to put our trailer.  Our neighbors had Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  We weren't there but 10 minutes when they, too, invited us to have Thanksgiving dinner with them.   We thanked them for their hospitality, but actually, we just wanted to set up camp and get up to McNally's where we were going to have a feast for Thanksgiving.

               Break out the champagne.  We have arrived.

Mel and John dressed for some cold weather.  Actually, Thursday and Friday were pretty nice.
Cooler than normal, but no wind.  Yea.  The sad part was that "another" forest fire ravaged a good deal of the south fork of the Kern River last August.  The Bull fire.  The Kern gets hit hard by forest fires.

Corral Creek on the Kern River.  There is a nice quiet area for the dogs to swim.

And, the dogs can run from the trailer right to this lovely sandy area to play and swim.

                   Trouble dressed for the Kern in her camo outfit.

             Our 3 oldest...Trouble 8 yrs.  Jet 10 yrs. and Xena 12 yrs.

Between us, we had 7 dogs.  Mel and John have a BC and a GSD.  This is the dog holding area.
This chain link kennel has come in so handy.  It fits beautifully in our toy hauler.  It really saves the day when you want some peace and quiet away from the dogs.

Melodie's German Shepherd, Keira, taking a "momentary" break.

                             Help!  I'm in puppy jail.

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Karen said...

What a nice place to camp, the sandy beach and river make it perfect:)
And wow, that's one heck of an x-pen!