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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kilt at Porterville (momentary stall at the post)

Sheep facing the wrong way at the post.  Kilt is surmising the situation.  I'm at the post pleading, "Steady Kilt, Steady Kilt."  Kilt doesn't like anyone staring in her face, especially not a sheep!

Kilt taking care of business, sorting out the stupid ones, making believers out of the others.

Slinky Stinky has them pretty much under control.  They are starting to go counter clockwise around the post.  You can see the "grin" on her face.  Kilt loves a good game.  GAME ON.

Kilt is ready to spring into action if it is needed.  I think she made believers out of them.

Okay, they are on their way.  Typical circling like bait fish trying to avoid Kilt's teeth.
Kudos to Kilt.  This is one dog that will always bring your sheep to your feet.

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