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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Porterville "time eaters"

The players, the non dog broke range lambs.

I have at least 20 photos that look just like this one, but with a different dog!  I think this is Erin's Lark.  See the lamb looking right at her.  This is what they did ALL day Sat. and Sun. for the open dogs.  If you managed the lift, they would stall out on the drive.  They were "time eaters."  They frustrated the you know what out of the dogs.

I believe this is Willda's dog, early Sat morn.  She either won it or placed in the top 3.  See what I mean?  I have dozens of this exact photo. :0)

This is Mike Meredith's Nell (nursery bitch).  I really thought she was charming.  She tried so hard.
Look at those BIG brutes staring at her.  They are saying....."MAKE ME."

 This one lamb is giving Nell the (head) nod.  Nell is getting pretty tired of this group of sheep.

 This is tiring work, walking back and forth in front of this executive line-up.  What do they want?

 "Honest ladies...let's get moving.  This is getting quite frustrating.  I'm tired of you looking at me."

"Take that you big FAT HEAD.  How about it!"  Oh well, all's well that ends well.  Good job Nell.


Karen said...

Those are some honkin' big 'lambs'!
Is there a whole lot of b*tching going on from the handlers about the organizers of the trial in a situation like that? Aren't you excused or severely marked down if your dog grips? It sure looks like the dogs needed to do something drastic to get those lambs moving:)
Makes me wonder if the coyotes could have walked right up and help themselves:(

gvmama said...

The little red bitch was DQ'ed, but she did a nice job overall. Your dog can bite a heel or nose, but cheap shots (bites to the side) or (hanging on) is a disqualification DQ.
Porterville is notorious for having the TOUGHEST sheep in the country. Most know before they enter. :0)
Kilt loved them...GAME ON.