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Friday, November 12, 2010


I have lots of my "own" thoughts on breeding. 
Numero Uno...I don't like to breed.  Why?  Too many dogs euthanized as it is and too many dogs in rescue.
Thank goodness, I'm not breeding for the conformation ring.  Ear up, ear down, toe out and you end up in rescue.  But, I'm not blind to breeding for working dogs either.  Not enough push, weak, etc. dog ends up being sold or ends up in rescue.  Not everyone wants just a pet.  It' a crap shoot buying a pup. So if you want to compete in USBCHA, you best buy from a reputable breeder and keep your fingers crossed or pay some big $$ for a started dog, so you know what you are getting.
Ramblings.....I have bred Kilt once to Jet.  I have seen two pups out of five that are very nice working dogs.  All are nice, but maybe, will not be "competitive" in open classes in USBCHA.  Of course, the handler plays a big part in this, too.  The dog is only as nice as the handler. Yoko is nice, but not my type.  After 8 years, I know what I like. Yoko is spayed.  Kilt is my type of working bitch, but we are still a work in art.  Jet taught me everything.  He lacked power, but was a phenomenal first dog.  He never had a day of pro training and he took me right to open. 
Eventually, I will need to replace Jet.  He will be going on 11 next year, past his prime for large field trials.  Kilt is now coming into her prime at just 6 yrs. of age.  Yoko is coming 3 and I'm still watching and waiting to see how she develops on sheep.  I see "agility star" written all over her. :0)
I have been looking for a new boyfriend for Kilt. I'd like to breed her again.  I really don't want to breed her again, but I'd like a pup from her.  Her breeder would like a pup from her.   And, I think after looking and looking (far and wide), I have found a stud dog for her. The owner of the stud dog would like a pup from her.  I wanted a cobby, small, agile dog, not smooth coated, nor long coated, biddable with a ton of forward drive/eye.  Bbbbingo....I found him almost in my backyard.   Funny how things work out. :0)  He is an unknown to the USBCHA sheepdog world, but not an unknown in the cowdog world.  Plus, he's x-rayed, eyes normal, and one heck of a nice sheepdog, too.  And, the owners are as nice as the dog.   LOL


Karen said...


Erin O said...

Ugh I hear you! I have been approached about Z already. The bitch is very nice. Although I am not in a hurry to make the cut I am also not in hurry to make the deal ;)I don't really think he has earned it yet. I think he will though. I have to figure out what my criteria for offering him as a stud dog would be. What does he need to achieve or be to make him worthy?

I still really haven't sorted out my feelings about it yet either. I feel like if I can buy what I want why should I breed anything?

gvmama said...

@ Karen...photo forth coming. I'll have to video him. Grandson of Dalziel's Wisp with some cow dogs on the top. :0)

@ Erin...Breeding is a HUGE responsibility. I don't take it lightly.

Karen said...

And it's always good if you like your future 'in-laws':)

Monique said...

I know what you mean. Lucy is bred and I have mixed feelings about it, but owe the breeding to her breeder as part of the sales contract. She was not bred by an "unknown," but I think it should produce some very nice pups. I certainly hope so. It breaks my heart seeing so many dogs sold or sent to rescue... or worse... just because they don't work like the handler hopes. I lose a LOT of sleep worrying about this even though they aren't even on the ground yet!!