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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

McNally's Fairview on the Kern

Circle up the wagons because it is going to be a cold one tonight at Johnny McNally's!

We have arrived for our Thanksgiving feast.  Last year was really special.  Johnny McNally drove in from Colorado and had Thanksgiving with everyone just like old times, when before he sold the restaurant and lodge.  Last year it was in the 70's and probably an easy drive from Colorado where he now resides.  This year it has been unseasonably cold early with lots of snow.

Time to get a drink.  Inside they have seating around a large rock fireplace.  And, even though it was cold, they make the BEST Bloody Mary's in the world.  I was sweating in a few minutes :0)

That's Wayne in the blue flannel bellying up to the bar. 

Is that a Thanksgiving feast or what?  They were out of pheasant, but substituted quail.  The green beans had a "bite" to them.  Everything was fabulous per usual.  Mel and I had their apple pie.  I heard Melodie say "That's the best apple pie I have ever had."  I liked the pie so much that Mercedes, our waitress, gave me two free pieces of apple pie to take back to the trailer for breakfast.  Gotta love nice folk.  The atmosphere here can't be beat.

Oops....drank my quota.  Time to haul me out of the "Hoosegow."

The suspension bridge at McNally's is still intact.  You can walk over the bridge (river) to get to some nice hiking trails.  The fishing this year was awesome.  People had stringers of trout.

This is looking down river from the middle of the bridge.  Looks like winter, not the usual fall colors I would normally see.

Looking at the lodge from the other side of the river.  Yeppers....it's cold outside.
Hey, I have to tell you, we came back on Friday night for dinner at McNally's since they have the BEST beef ever.  We had the Fairview Special.  I'd liked to have died and gone to heaven eating their butterfly shrimp.  It was just like lobster.  So, if you are ever in the neighborhood....

Gene Hoback did all of the rustic carvings that surround the inside of McNally's restaurant.  Unbelievable craftmanship.
Next blog will show you just how COLD it was camping on the river and hiking up in the high country. :0)

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