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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walmart Rider

             "Take a deep seat and a faraway look"

We all like to drive in this family, so I imagine when we needed to take away Pop's car keys, he was pretty devastated.  Dad is 93 yrs. young and with dementia since 89 yrs. of age. Here are a few phone pics I received from my brother's wife.  They took Dad to Walmart and he is back driving again.  He pretty much followed my brother and his wife around in the cart, EXCEPT when the aisle was clear he did a few figure eights.  God love him!

The other day when I was on the phone with him after about 5 min. he said, "Excuse me, to whom am I speaking to?"  I said, "It's me your daughter, Suzanne."  He replied, "Oh my, someone might call me forgetful."  I miss him so much.  Everyday he gets up with the same attitude I have.  Life is a gift.  He never complains; he's just so  happy to be alive.

I'm leaving  today for 7 days to visit Dad and give my brother and his wife some respite.  I'm sure they need to get away for a few days.  I'm giving up a sheep trial, but that ain't nothing when it comes to my Pop.  I'll have to find us a new jigsaw puzzle to work on.  This time, a little less than 500 pieces. :0)


Emma Rose said...

Safe travels, and enjoy your Pop!

gvmama said...

Thank-you Emma. Family is Numero Uno :0)

Karen said...

Have a good visit with your dad, and when he gets tired of the jigsaw puzzle, you can take him to Walmart for another ride:)
I'm sure your brother and his wife will appreciate the break, I hope they are going on a bit of a holiday. It can be hard if you are the offspring that is burdened with most of the responsibility of an aging parent.

gvmama said...

They will be taking 4 days off to visit St. Augustine. I try to get to Florida 3 X a year to see my Dad and give them a break. As a nurse, I'm well aware that they need a break!

Lilo & Elle said...

awe i know its a bit late to be commenting on this one, but hope you had fun!

this remindes me of my GG (great-grama) her and I usto stay up for hours(as we both have a sleeping problem lol) and play solatire and do puzzles... oooh how i miss her so much...=)