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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sewall's Point, Florida

No hardship going to Florida to visit Dad.  This is his home.  It even has a dumb waiter and an elevator.
Dad retired from TWA.  While I'm there I will have to take some pictures of the "old" airline menu he has hanging in the elevator.  It cracks me up every time I am there.  We used to fly around first class for like a $6.00 surcharge.  Whoa...those were the days!

  This is the sunrise from father's bedroom window.  The sunrise's are AWESOME.  But, actually what I really look forward to is a "downpour" with thunder and lightning over the river.  There are two rocking chairs by the picture window in my Dad's bedroom overlooking this view.  We sit there together, sometimes working on a jigsaw puzzle counting, one one hundred, etc......after each bolt of lightning.

This is Scooter, the neighbor's JRT.  As soon as I arrive this Wed. morning, this is where she will be....
On the upstairs porch waiting for me to let her in.  And, waiting to see what I brought her!

 This is her favorite thing to do....lie on her back and show her fat tummy. I have taught her to sneeze and she has never forgotten.  She's a little heel biter when it comes to strangers.  Pop doesn't remember her name anymore.  He beams when she comes over and says, "Hey, little dog is here."  :0)

 This is at the end of the bulk head at Dad's.  That's my brother, Jim, fishing.  We both love to fish.
I have a sailfish on Pop's living room wall that I caught when I was 13 yrs. old.  I came in  2nd place in the summer tournament in Florida that year.  We catch a variety of fish here.  The river leads out to the ocean, so the water is really what you would call "brackish" water.... a little salt water mixed in.

 Sometimes I just stand and look at the reflections in the river.  I guess you would say it is a form of meditation.  So peaceful.
 Monday, the day before I leave, Jim and I will go out on the Lady Stuart to do a bit of deepsea fishing in the ocean.  I always catch the MOST fish.  But, then, I slip the deck hands a $20 as soon as I get on board.  haha 


Karen said...

Wow, it looks lovely:)
And nice that there is a dog there too!

gvmama said...

The weather is gorgeous. I brought some 8X10 photos of the dogs and one of my husband, Wayne. When I pointed to Wayne and asked Dad, Who is that? He quickly, "replied, "Wayne." We were all impressed! Nice to be here. Our time is so limited.