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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

I decided my BC's and I need a 2 week break from sheep.  Time to get our hiking boots on! 
We decided to hike 3 Sisters this morning, part of the PCT

 All 3 are having a "sniff-a-thon"  lots of lions and tigers and bears around here.  Okay, maybe not tigers.

A break along the trail.  The sunlight is filtering through the trees.

Yoko looks like she is intoxicated with the aroma or worried about a mountain lion.  I'm not sure which?  Her eyes are rolling up in her head.            

 When at the top of 3 Sisters we had a good view of Jupiter.  I have hiked Jupiter several times.  You can see our house from the peak on the right.  But, Jupiter has "ticks." Yuck.  And, hunters, scary.

Jet found some soft dirt to dig a hole and bury his head...just like he does at the beach.

Yoko and her Paul Revere plume for a tail.  It would be impossible to lose her with that tail!

This is Grass Mountain.  See how it is wheaten grass on the top.  There are huge Coulter pine trees on the top.  I have hiked Grass numerous times.  I have had several friends hike it with me.  My husband always laughs and says, "They never come back to hike with you again."  haha Wimps.

Pictured half way up 3 Sisters at Pike's Peak.  I have names for everything on my hikes...Sunday Rock, Cougar Crag, Bear Mountain, etc. etc.

All 3 BCs taking a bit of a break.
This is the mountain next to our house.  It is aptly named Mount Mother F'er.  Our house is just over the first rise.  Many partys in the past, I would challenge the guys to go up half way with me and then return for a few beers in the spa.  I think I would need someone to pull me up it today. :0)

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Karen said...

Wow, it looks a gorgeous place to take the dogs for a walk. Well as long as the predators keep their distance:) I like how open a lot of it is, it's nice to be able to see the view. Not so great on a hot day, but lovely on a cooler Spring or Fall day.