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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What type of sheep do you have?

They probably reflect how you take care of them and work them with your dogs. 

"My sheep are wonderful to work because they are worked by good dogs and I respect them for it. I do not allow dogs to chase or harass my sheep. If I have a dog that is a poor dog, I won't allow them to work my sheep for long periods of time.

A good friend has told me that our sheep are a reflection of our dogs. How true this statement is. Think about that when you are having a difficult time working you own sheep. Think about that before you offer your sheep to be used by dogs that have no respect for your animals. Think about it before you offer to put your ill-mannered pup out on someone else's group of sheep."  
Patrick Shannahan

Think about the above next time you are working someone else's sheep.  Amen.

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Lilo & Elle said...

Hi, I had a question about livestocks... Well pritty soon were moveing back to cali, and i found Elle a stockdog trainer. Well my grandma has about 20-30 goats on her 89 some odd acers. and, i have asked, but she wont allow me to use the goats for practice with Elle when we are ready to start working alone with out our trainer. She says she dont want the goats getting useto haveing a dog around them, as she fears they will not be sceard of the mt. lions if they come around... do you think this is true? cause my next option is to get a handful of sheep of my own and just let them hang with the goats unless im working them, but if the mt. lion this is true thats prob not an option aswell.... any advise?