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Friday, October 8, 2010

Marvelous mentors

Lately I've been thanking everybody that has played an important part in my life.  I've been on a roll, so why stop now :0)   One can't imagine how much fun I have in the training of my stockdogs.  I have worked hard.  I have gone for an occasional lesson when I was stumped.  I have a long animal training history, so I do have some of my own ideas.  I don't get along with all of the people that train and give lessons.  Nor should I.
I'd really like to thank those people that I have written numerous times to for advice.  Thank-you Patrick Shannahan who sold me Jet.  I don't know how many times I wrote to Patrick and he took the time to write back lengthy answers to my questions.  And, I'm sure some of those questions were really 'novice.' I am so appreciative.  Thank-you to Diana Gauthier from Canada who sold me Kilt.  Kilt has been a difficult dog for me.  Diana knew she would be.  She offered me another dog in her place.  I refused.  She has always written me back countless number of times offering me assist with the training of Kilt.  And, a special thanks to Bob Stephens from Canada for his huge smile and optimistic advice.  I met Bob before he became the BC Board expert and he is a true gentleman and so very thoughtful to give advice to someone he had just met.  Plus, Bob has a way of making you feel 'good,' and that is a very special quality.
Now, it ain't all a bed of roses out there.  I have met a few people along the way that are real sour grapes.
Mean people suck.  "To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it."  To those few thorns I have met along the way, I just steer clear of them. 
Thank-you to the marvelous mentors out there.  Giving advice in a kind way will always be fondly remembered.

P.S. Okay Bloggers, can you SEE my header with the black and white Border Collie walking behind the sheep?  Funny, I can see it on my  PC at home on AOL, but NOT on my i-phone.  Hmmmmm.  So much to learn, so little time.  Please let me know. :0)


Karen said...

Yep, border collie on the left with the glowing eyes; taunting sheep on the right. Looking good:)

Emma Rose said...

I see your header, and it's working just fine :)

gvmama said...

Oh yea. Thank-you friends. A bit of a learning curve. :0)

BCxFour said...

I can see it!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

You are a good person and don't ever forget that. I love you tons!