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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In my infinite (AGED) wisdom

Now there's a heck of a title for ya. But, it's true. Or I could title this; If ain't broke, don't fix it. Now that I am more comfortable with my dog's work, I can relax and let them work. That's what I love about ranch work. Half the time I am not even watching my dog(s). They are figuring out stuff on their own. All three of my dogs treat their stock nicely....just need an occcasional reminder. No matter where I wander on the ranch, if they have stock, they are bringing the stock to me. I do very little course work....hardly any, except I have brought out the pen for Yoko.
The other day at a friend's ranch, I brought each of my dogs out for about 10 min. I tried to interfere as little as possible. I have to put a stop on Kilt (ahhh you Kilt) at the top of her outrun, but I try to let her figure out where she will turn in. On Yoko and Jet, I say nothing. I let them figure out where they will start their lifts. They know the draw...the pressure. They certainly know it better than I do! Both have quiet lifts. The less interference from me, the nicer their work is. And, with less interference from me I can actually learn from my dogs. I have time to watch and learn. :0)

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