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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mother Daughter look backs

I have been having fun hiding two sets of sheep over the small rises with one dog and then bringing another out to do two blind fetches.   I'm trying to teach them to "trust" me.  I know where their sheep are. :0)



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P.S. I updated AOL the other day and now my BLOG design came back in a very wierd way.  When I view my blog I see everything on the left side of the page.  When I press design, it shows the design like it used to be with the small pics on each side and the blog in the middle, but when I push view, I get this wierd layout.  If someone out there knows how to tell me how to fix this, I'd really appreciate it!


Karen said...

I'm thinking it's pretty good when the dogs will leave sheep they've already 'caught' to go look for some they haven't seen, and to trust you on that.
Also had fun figuring out what your whistles meant. Kind of like you are saying the word in whistle form:)
Your blog has been appearing in that weird format for quite a while for me, weeks I'd say. Somewhere way back I made a comment on it when it first happened. The only thing I could suggest would be to go and pick that format again, or pick another format and then go back and pick your original format. Good luck!

And oh ya, I think you were being really optomistic calling that field 'pasture':) Speaking from the land of green.....:)

Karen said...

Oops, I think I said format, and should have said template :)