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Sunday, October 3, 2010


   This is a picture of the camera crew and the judge and scribe

 Here I am walking from one RV back to mine in the middle of a storm

      Dinner at Casa Guitterez in Leona Valley.  Fabulous as always.

Sunrise Saturday morning.  A great time to take an early morning walk with the dogs.

Here we are outside the ranch on our morning walk or rather (stalk)

Mike, Joe and Wayne goofing off...Wayne doing his famous gurney face.
Wow....what a fun trial.  We all went out to dinner on Friday night in the middle of a huge thunderstorm. There was flash flooding.  Craziness for So. California.  We had a HUGE dinner party Saturday night out on the porch of our favorite local mexican restaurant.  Thunderstorms happened in the evenings and perfect weather during the daytime.  A little humid on Saturday, but Sunday was picture perfect.

Allison (Honest Dogs) playing with Scoop while Rusty watches 

         This is a photo of Kilt, Yoko, and Jet sitting on the trailer steps.

My goals were for Jet to beat the girls and he did that on the day one, for Kilt to go slow and she did that the first day, and for Yoko to have fun and she did that both days. And for me to set up my sheds correctly to help the dogs come in.  Well...I didn't do so well in that category.  I'm still rushing it.

Yoko in her favorite position....in your arms.  Yo is the snuggliest Border Collie around.
Here is judge Rusty Jeffers awarding her with a High In Trial (HIT)

Sat:  Advanced A Course (arena)
I only put Yoko in because it's not really fair to run my older dogs in an AKC arena trial.  They could run non-competitively, but it's too much money.  This was Yoko's 2nd time in the advanced A course.  Yoko won the class and took High in Trial A Course.

                 Yoko taking a break in her hiding place under the trailer couch.

Sat. Advanced B Course (field)
Ooo-wee baby, we had some heavy exhaust draw and several of the advanced dogs had to retire because of it.  I was proud of all 3 of my BCs.  It was another TRIFECTA,  Jet 1st and HIT, Kilt 2nd by 1/2 point and RHIT and Yoko first time in advanced B 3rd trailing a point behind her mother.

The kids with their ribbons looking pretty.
Sun. Advanced A Course (arena)
Yoko took 2nd and RHIT.  She actually worked better in the larger arena, but missed a few head of sheep through the cross drive panels.  I was very pleased with her work.

Here's Wayne giving Yoko a congratulatory hug.

Sun. Advanced B Course (field)  "Almost another  trifecta"
Judge: Rochelle Diaz           Yoko 1st in advanced B course and HIT. 
You GO YO!     (Kilt 3rd and Jet 4th)

The dog in the front is the set-out dog.  What a beautiful deep lift by 2 yr. old Yoko.

Best work award of the two days by my 3 dogs goes to KILT.  She did a fabulous job in the field on Saturday.  And, her sheds for both days were right on.  Way to go Krazy Kilt!

This is my favorite photo.  Kilt is kissing her daughter, Yoko, for her fine efforts this weekend.


Karen said...

Oh wow!
Congratulations to you all, what wonderful results!!
Great pictures too, especially the one of all three dogs with their rosettes. Good on ya!

BCxFour said...

That last picture of Kilt kissing Yoko brings tears to my eyes...beautiful!