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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jet, all in a day's work...

This is "Jet" in the box....
Jet lovin' on the wee scottish ones...(Kilt "not to be out done" was even better with the babies) Yoko took a pass. :0) She's not quite ready for the wee ones.

Okay...what can I say? I'll never have another Jet. Jet never takes his eyes off of me. We are soul mates. He always gives 110%. He worked well for me at the games. My handling left something to be desired, but Jet was right on. He received nice sized checks both Sat. and Sun. We didn't get a belt buckle because of that darn Sandy Anderson. :0) That's okay. We had a fabulous time.
When I came out of the arena with Yoko, I noticed my husband had an audience. He was putting Jet through his tricks (and loving every moment of it)
Here Jet is taking a ring from a little one and then will go over by husbands feet and put the ring on the post. Too cute.

Jet carried his lunch box around and worked the crowd with his tricks when he wasn't working sheep. The crowds loved him. There was a couple from Standford University that were doing a short movie on sheepdogs. The trial officials mentioned that they might want to use Jet in their movie. So, throughout the day on Sunday, we were being interviewed on film, performing tricks on film, and they filmed Jet doing both of his Sunday runs. They also filmed a bit of the whole family.....Jet, Kilt, Yoko, and Trouble (JRT) as the mascot. I didn't get their names, but they have my card. Hope they don't lose it, because I would love to see the finished product! Wayne and I had lots of fun with the filming. So did the dogs. Jet is usually not vocal, but he was on camera and he knew it. Oh my goodness, he took on a whole new attitude. So did Kilt...not to be outdone by Jet. It's a constant competition around here.
I hope the dogs look good on film.....I was hot, tired, and looked rode hard and put away wet. Not exactly what I would want to see on film. Oh well. I'm sixty. Who the heck cares. :0) We had a great time.

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Lilo & Elle said...

Jet is so cute. And i love the pattern white on him. beautiful.