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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Handler wanted...

Kilt and I at the post
Kilt setting up the maltese cross
Kilt working the the bridge

Kilt is looking for a new handler. I truly let her down at the Scottish games. This is her cup of tea...a time and points trial. But, at the same time, when I say stop, she somehow gets in another 10-20 steps. This is killing us. Along with that dang sliced come-bye flank. Heck, I've been working on that flank with her for almost 4 years. Obviously, I haven't done a very good job. I haven't made a believer out of her yet. I think I need to get back down to Jennifer's for a lesson or two.
Overall, even though we weren't in the money, Kilt worked her heart out for me even with sliced left flanks and creeping stops, I adore this bitch. She could care less about gunfire. When she's working, she's working....get out of her way. She is a no nonsense type of dog on her stock. I love that. The one time the St. Croix's turned on her, I guarantee you they turned the other way just as quickly. There was no stalling involved. "Yikes," they said..."We are outta here. This bitch is all business." Who doesn't love that?
Parts of her runs were the best I saw all day. Unfortunately, we never put the "whole" run together perfectly. We were close to winning on her last run until "I" did the maltese the wrong direction. OMG...my brain ceased to function on our last run. What a shame that was...I apologized to Kilt. I could see my hubby's eyes...instead of $$$, I saw "debit, debit." Bummer.
Oh well...live and learn. We all make mistakes. But, look out...Kilt and I are going to become a team before she is 10 yrs. of age. That's my prediction.
Plus, I have to tell you that all of the kids at the games sat on her, pulled her ears, etc. and Kilt looked adoringly at them. She just ate up all of that attention. And, to tell you just how smart this girlie is when a couple of college kids from Stanford were doing a sheepdog film (starring Jet) she got pissed off. She broke away from her lead, ran over to Jet, grabbed his lunch bag, ran in front of the camera and said, "See..I can do anything he can do and I can do it better." Hmmmm That remains to be seen.


Karen said...

Loved the last bit about the lunchbag:) Also loved the bit about her and the kids.
So different to Luna. She came from a family with young kids, and she does NOT like them most of them, so you can read into that whatever you want.

gvmama said...

Kilt is a most interesting bitch. She would like to be the number one dog, but actually comes in #4 or #5 in the pecking order of our 5dogs. I'd like to study more about "packs," dominance, and heirarchy. It's intrigueing to me.

Pat Grannan said...

I have (half) joked for years that my girls are placing a classifeied ad "Bitch seeks firm qualified handler". People tell me I will get widely different results depending on whether it makes Working Border Collie or Hollywood Reporter.

I have let my girls down at the post on numerous occasions but they seem to forgive me and I am working on not repeating at least the same errors.

Karen said...

Yes, the pack heirarchy thing is very interesting. And it is seems to fluctuate depending on the situation. I've seen Luna move Jake away from a bone with just a look, and yet Jake will give her hell if she gets too rough when playing.

Lilo & Elle said...

wow just read all the new post about your trial fun! I love it!
I am currently in search of a stock dog trainer, found some seemingly good ppl, just waiting for call backs. ugh. hate waiting.

but hey i had a question for ya.
How'd you get into the herding, and trials and all that good stuff? or has it always just been?

I can't wait to start and see just how far my girls will take us. =)

gvmama said...

Elle....OMG Your dogs are adorable. HUGE Aussie fan here. Last two buried on my property. Wish I could reincarnate them. Give me your e-mail...let's chat!

Lilo & Elle said...

lol, thanks, my email goes straight to my phone, so I'll usually respond pritty quickly, so any time feel free to send a shout my way. =)
(its a REALY old email address lol.)

Nikki =)