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Friday, September 10, 2010

More Scottish fun

Did I mention David Lee Roth was there with his dog, Mike? Remember Van Halen?
He was a good sport. Nice dog. He took it all with a big GRIN. Gotta love that. Plus, he always gave Mike a big pat and a hug as they retired. I didn't know who the heck he was when I introduced myself. I just thought, novice handler, nice dog....may need some support after sending his dog on the outrun before any sheep were set out. :0)

Drumming and bagpipes everywhere. The drumming was way cool! I'm not sure what my dogs thought of it, but I love drumming.

Shop, shop, shop...till you drop. Huge indoor shopping areas. I believe I mentioned that this is the largest Scottish festival in America.

Lots of sword fights going on. Yoko wasn't too thrilled. Can you say Grrrrr?

Nah...it isn't my husband. But, it's a dang good idea! "Didn't you say I could have a new Chevy Avalanche? No? We can't afford it right now? Golly dear, I can't seem to find the key."

The sheep (St. Croix) resting at the lunch break (80 head for the games) Fat and fit.

Bird of prey exhibit with eagles, owls, goldens, etc. Very cool.

The sheepdog arena was right next to the race track. I loved that!

I got to watch some of the morning work-outs. Coffee and watching the exercisers gallop with my sheepdogs close by....doesn't get any better than that (for me at least)

Plus, we were right next to the Clydesdales.

I did have a chance to catch a bit of the festival. Here's a Highlander steer.

Here's "Trouble" unzipping the soft crate attempting an escape.

Here's my new 16 foot rig. Hubby standing and Dr. Bob sitting in the chair. Pretty much asshole to bellybutton camping. One group across from us brought their 15 foot barbecue. Now that was some serious partying.
My favorite campground story was when we were having dinner at Dr. Bob's RV. Here comes this yahoo in a gorgeous Dodge pulling a beautiful huge trailer. As he is driving down the lane he is topping off tree after tree. We were watching in amazement and oohing and ahhing with each tree he hit......especially when he hit the last tree. No shit, he like sliced the tree trunk in half. It did some serious damage to his Dodge cab and the trailer. I remember Dr. Bob saying, "Oh my God, what is happening?" Wayne said, after walking over to look at the damage, "The only reason he stopped was because the next thing he was going to hit was a telephone pole. I think it would be safe to say he shouldn't be driving!
I think I'm in love. What a great Scotsman this gentleman was. We had some fun together.
Pleasanton is worth the drive. The trial is well run, the festival is fun, and they give out nice prizes and money.

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Karen said...

Great pictures, and lots of hunks in kilts:)
Sounds like a really fun event to be at, and bring back some $$$$ makes it even better. Congrats!