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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Okay...I took out the Alasdair shedding tapes AGAIN. I most definitely need someone to film me. Maybe I can con Wayne into doing it this Friday for me since he is off. When I'm not working, I have been taking the dogs to Task farms before 7 am. I'm usually done working all 3 by 8 a.m. It's the only way to beat the heat. Summer is here.

This morning, I put a flock of about 50-60 sheep in a large square pen. I worked all 3 dogs individually on shedding. All 3 are so different. And, I bet I move differently with all 3. That's why I need someone to film me. Jet is still the reigning King of the shed. Kilt has her own style. It works. It's not quite as snappy as Jet's. And, baby Yoko is getting the picture. She is going to shed more like her sire. She is more like her sire in every way, with a tad of Mom's moxie.

The dogs are doing fine. It's my movement that needs WORKING on. I need to see why my dogs sometimes turn back on the wrong sheep. Most likely I am rotating my shoulder into the wrong set and then turning back to the ones I want shed. I'm going to have to SEE it to understand it. Plus, I need to see once again what I am doing with my crook. I have a tendency to do "band leading" with it. LOL That's why I stick my crook in a cone at the post, so I won't be waving it around. It's all because I didn't make that marching drill team in high school. I'm so excited to have a crook to twirl around in my senior years....hahahhaha

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Erin O said...

I would guess the your inclination is correct, that you are indeed doing something to cue the dog to take the "wrong" set.

When I set my shed up I'm work really hard to not be totally face on to my dog. I'm try to be slightly "bent" towards the packet I want the dog to take. I also usually put my crook in the hand that will end up being closest to the dog when dog comes through. So if I'm flanking the dog CB, crook in left hand. Also teaching your dog to aim for behind you and never for in front helps the dog know which sheep. Also helps the dog to cover the sheep and the dog will come through the tiniest gap if he aims for behind you.

They may also be trying to work the packet that is escaping to the draw no matter which way you turn. So keep that in mind during your set up.

During shedding if your dog is moving your should be standing still and vice versa :) Have fun!