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Monday, July 19, 2010

The crows

"Diet - Crows are opportunists when it comes to what they eat. They have the ability to adapt to many habitats and food sources, and their diet consists of whatever is readily available: insects, fruits, vegetables, farm crops, eggs (and sometimes nestlings), amphibians, snakes, shellfish, and carrion. If water is nearby, they like to wash their food before eating."

Okay, this is what the crows are doing......they are rinsing their food in my sheep water. It appears they are raiding trash cans in Green Valley and then coming to my sheep pen where there are always troughs of cool, clean water for the sheep. The sit on the edge of the rubber troughs and WASH their food before eating it. Unfortunately, they drop bread, chicken meat, and bones into the water. The stuff they drop sinks and collects in the bottom of the water tubs. Obviously, the crows don't like to swim underwater. Every morning I find a variety of "stuff" in the water tubs. Every morning I have to rinse and scrub the water troughs. That's probably not a bad idea to do that every morning, but some mornings they are only a few inches from the top. I have seen my sheep drink out of the water with the crows rinsing their food right next to them. It's like they are friends. Hmmm...how do I make the crows go elsewhere to rinse their catch? Suggestions?


Karen said...

I'm with you on that one. We have loads hanging around here. They steal eggs if they can find them, and will go into fairly enclosed areas to get them, although thankfully not the chicken coops. They carry off robin fledglings, strip our cherry trees, well you know how it goes. Dropping things in water buckets or troughs doesn't seem to be too much of a problem, although I know the odd time I have found something weird in there.

I googled 'keeping crows away', and read the first few things that popped up. The CD sounds interesting. Forgot about the hanging up a dead crow idea, and not sure about the fake predatory bird idea, as the crows here harrass any hawks that fly over. Anyway, good luck with it:)

Erin O said...

They do that in my outside dog bowl here in the city. They also take whatever bones the dogs don't finish up to the roof tops, and guess what presents are in my gutters. Oh well, I like them so I don't care much.

Jenny Glen said...

What about a scarecrow?

gvmama said...

Sometimes the most common sense things don't come to mind. :0) I'll try it!