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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kilt's sister, Kit


Gotta love those pushy bitches. This is Kit...Kilt's sister at Calgary.
And, Bob Stevens who I met in Washington at a trial several years ago who has given me encouragement and written expert help with the training of my dogs.

I have been very lucky. My first dog I purchased from Patrick Shannahan. Patrick always answered my e-mails and calls when I needed assist.....no matter how novice the questions were.

My second dog came from Diana Gautier who has been just as helpful as Patrick. She always has taken the time to discuss my training methods and has given me suggestions along the way to improve my training of my dogs.

This is a sport. This is a hobby for me. Mean people suck. Thankfully, I have only encountered a few along the way. Their ego's got in the way of their thought processes. Overall, I have enjoyed this sport more than any I have participated in. My dogs and I love working together. And, that's what it is all about.


Karen said...

Thanks for posting that:) Interesting to watch, and after reading all these herding blogs, it makes more sense to me. Maybe one day I'll get involved with some herding.
Maybe Luna would like to herd cattle, she certainly tries to nip Pride the horse on his front or back legs, but with the sheep she never seems to get in that close.

gvmama said...

And...after trying herding,you will be getting a whole flock of sheep :0)