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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yoko working up the courage to go for a nose. She is still hitting a front leg. I don't want to hold the sheep's head, because I think she is smart enough to figure it out on her own. I stand by to see that she doesn't get hurt and encourage her with a shhhh shhhh.

Yoko doing what she does best...moving stock in packed pens...going for a heel.
Someone asked me why I work on bite work so much? Obviously, it's the rare moment when it is needed in a trial. I'll tell you why........cuz the dog is fairly useless to me with ranch work if he can't figure out where and when he needs to bite. :0)
I don't push it...just 5 min. a work session once or twice a week when I go to the ranch. The above are i-phone pics, because I normally work dogs by myself. I had some great nose bites to photograph of Kilt. But, darn it all, she hit 3 noses in a nano second to turn 3 rams before I could even think to push the shutter button. Dang, she's fast!
I wrote Bob Stevens about some "bite" questions I had on the Border Collie Expert Boards for some suggestions. It will be interesting to see what he says. I value his experience.
I just read Bob's reply to the Boards. He is always "right-on." I will continue to have Yo walk in on her sheep trying to get close enough to walk them backwards a bit before hitting them. I may go out and work 2 sheep away from the flock today to see if I can set up that situation. I'll see if Kilt can find 2 that won't try to run her down.

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