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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Racist sheep AND the Jackson Five

Hey, no one told me sheep were racists! My other sheep don't like my dark sheep. I guess it's possible that they hate them because they are lambs? Maybe they hate them because they are ALL girls? Maybe they just hate Barbs. I now refer to the lambs as the JACKSON FIVE.
Yes, the Jackson Five are the newcomers and yes, they are a different breed, but, hey...give the little gals a break! My big sheep head butt them all around the large sheep pen. They head butt them so badly that my husband and I took down one of the dog kennels and put it in the barn for the lambs. They seem to do okay outside of the barn, but if any of the lil ewes come near the big sheep they butt them a good one. They even chase them. I don't dare leave them alone in the barn at night. For now, they will have to stay in their dog kennel in the barn until they are big enough to defend themselves. We live very rural, so I have to keep them up at night and do a lot of praying during the day. :0)

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