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Monday, May 24, 2010


Howdy Cloud, Friday Wright, Wrangler Dunba, Skeeter Kingsolver, Sterling Yancy, Stormy Wing, Pistol Robinson, Chance Riley......Heck...the names alone are what makes me like bull riding......
And, the bulls; J. Lo, Thunder Down Under, Code Blue, Chicken on a Chain, Unabomber, Migraine, Speed Dial, Kid Rock, Itch and Scratch......

This year I'm hoping to get some World Championship PBR tickets. Wayne, if you see this..........that's what I want to do this fall. Yahooooooo!


Jenny Glen said...

Vegas here you come!

WalkOn Border Collies said...

Well, you should come up to Canada in July(right after the Whidbey Trial) & take in the Calgary Stampede; richest rodeo in the world. Enter the $10,000 Stock Dog Trial while you are at it!

cheers Lani ;-)

gvmama said...

I think Calgary will be on my TO DO LIST for next year. Thanks Lani. I look forward to seeing you at Whidbey!