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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm on a nostalgia kick

My brother has been sending me old newspaper clippings, magazine pics, and old, old photos from years gone by. I guess that's to remind me of just how old I am! That's okay, because he is older. :0)
This is a picture of me winning the stock seat championship at the American Royal when I was 17 yrs. old. The younger age group was divided 4 times with separate prizes and the older age group was divided 5 times. The stock seat equitation class was the largest class at the entire American Royal horseshow with over 200 entries competing for the championship.
The quarter mare I am on was purchased by my parents when she was 6 mos. of age. She died of old age when I was in my 30's. I did ALL of my own western training. I had no trainer. There seems to be a theme there.....just like I like to do almost all of my own dog training.
Classy Lassie (my horse) was one of those once in a lifetime horses. She could do flying lead changes down the center of an arena every step. She was a remarkable trail horse. I gave lessons on her. I let my students and friends show her. She was the BEST FRIEND a girl could ever have.
The saddle I am pictured riding in was a MacPherson. I just sold that saddle to Terry and Colleen of Task Farms. Whoa....was that hard to let go of....decades of memories. But, since I don't have horses anymore, it surely is better to see it get good use rather than me looking at it on a saddle rack.


WalkOn Border Collies said...

It is interesting how many of us come from horse backgrounds. Or still have horses. I did the QH show circuit and then got into rodeo. Sold my last horse about 7 yrs. ago.

gvmama said...

Agreed. Many Border Collie people were or are horse people. Just like the outdoors and competition I guess :0)