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Friday, April 16, 2010

The journey

"A competition is only a brief look at the process in continuation. A win is not a win. A loss is not a loss." Don Blazer

If you look at trials as such, you will take home lessons from each and every one. You will continue to build your partnership. Specific labels are meaningless; she lacks power, he lacks confidence. Sometimes we want too much too soon. Competitions give you information for future training sessions. Experience is powerful. It gives you tools. It builds confidence. Those lessons are part of your journey.


livin life said...

Love that book. I am getting so much better at letting go and enjoying the whole process. Now if I can keep other's stupid comments from creating brain worms....maybe everyone should read this book and APPLY it!

Erin O said...

OK so sometimes my eyes get hooked that point on the horizon and it is hard to see anything else, especially as I get closer to the point. Gotta stop and appreciate the view.