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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Summer lesson plans

Kilt is a natural nose biter when needed. And, she can slink around the inside of a pen like none other that I have seen. That is her hallmark in my eyes; her pen work. Hey, everybody has to have a good point.

Yoko (her daughter) is ground level heel biter. If you need stock loaded, she is the dog. She isn't real happy about a sheep confronting her face on. In my neck of the woods, you better get used to being confronted. Yo would rather sneak behind them to move them.

So, this summer we will work on a nose bite and getting more comfortable like her mother in packed pens. This morning I grabbed a rambouillet (just because they have a lot of wool to grab) and encouraged Yoko to give a nip. She said, "no thanks." I know mimicry is a powerful tool, so I decided to use it. I brought her mother in the pen with her daughter. Kilt can walk nose to nose and all I have to do is give a low shhhh and she will give a nose bite. "That'll do" and she will back off. A few times after watching her mama do this Yoko came in on a nose by herself. Party time. I had her do it one more time. I'll give it a rest until our next work session. Nose bites and shedding will be Yoko's summer teaching plan.

Kilt's lesson plan for the summer is walking her stock. Kilt is the pushiest dog around. This summer she will w-a-l-k her stock everywhere. I'm not sure I can do that at the trials, but I will do it at every ranch we go to work. Kilt is the toughest nut around. I thought I was tough until I met her. I think she is a brilliant dog. That is the problem. Though, I don't give up easily. I may whine and lick my wounds a bit, but I get right back up in the saddle.
Ahhh youuu K-I-L-T.

Jet...well, Jet has no plans except to enjoy the summer and try to stay fit for a 10 yr. old dog. I don't think there is too much new to teach him. He has always been perfect in my eyes.

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