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Saturday, April 17, 2010

You may NOT have known this......

Eddy, Ray, Terry, Dr, Bob and I were having lunch the other day and Eddy said you could tell what color your chickens eggs would be by looking at her ear lobes. LOL We all said, "Yeah, right, sure." Well, I'll be darned.....look. Everyone go out and check your hen's earlobes. Heck, I didn't even know they had ears!

The color of an egg shell has nothing to do with the hens diet at all, rather it is dictated by the specific breed of chicken laying the egg. People often think I’m pulling their leg when I state that you can tell the color of the egg your hen will produce by looking at her ear lobes a red eared chicken will lay a brown egg, a white ear lobed chicken will lay a white egg. There are some exceptions to this general guide, but for the most part it is the case. Easter egg chickens are of course exceptions to this rule (Ameraucanas and Araucanas respectively), as they lay various shades of green, pink, blue and anything in-between.
It takes a hen approximately 25 hours to produce an egg and she lays her egg during day light, or when a coop light remains on. Hens lay with greatest frequency, when they have at least 14 hours of light (artificial or natural). A hen will lay eggs, even in the absence of a rooster.
Nutritionists celebrate the chicken egg broadly, as one of the most complete and high quality animal proteins one can obtain. So eggs are top quality food, no matter where they originate.
There are 70 calories per egg, 40 calories are from fat. Another startling percentage, is that each egg is 71% cholesterol.

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