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Friday, January 29, 2010


I have finally figured out the most severe form of punishment I can give my dogs is to walk to them, take them by the collar, look into their eyes and say "What were you thinking?" And, leave it at that.
No more screeching, throwing wands, flapping flags, etc. We are beyond that now (I hope). All I have to do is leave the post or where ever I am standing and start walking at them. It embarrasses them to pieces. Even Kilt. You can see them thinking, "I screwed up" and then you can see them "submit."
At first, the dog may try to avoid you and get around you. Secondly, the dog may turn tail and try to escape your forward coming presence, but in the end, the dog submits. And, the dog "thinks." Most importantly, I want the dog to "think" about what it has done to get me to walk into him.
Now, I'm still having to "walk down" Yo. Yoko has a beautiful outrun, lift and then started after the lift of running in and heeling her sheep. It doesn't make for a pretty fetch. She has a hard hitting ground level heel bite. The last few times out as soon as I saw her about to make her move I gave a "Hey you" and started the walk to her. It's been awhile now since I have seen her grip on the fetch. I can actually see her thinking when she starts to think about it. Does that make sense?
When I walk to her she runs the other way. I don't say anything. When I reach her, I take a hold of her collar calmly and ask, "What are you thinking?" And, we do the exercise again.
Now, when I go to Kilt she turns the other way for a few steps and then gets this shit eating grin on her face and trots up to me as I walk to her. She almost holds out her head and says, "Go ahead. Ask me what I am thinking?" My God, I LOVE that dog!

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