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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Arena work

Upcoming AHBA ranch trial Friday and an AKC trial for Yoko on Sat/Sun. Yo is in advanced for the field work (B course), but still is in intermediate for arena work. It is pretty rare that I work in an arena much or that I go to many AKC trials (unless they offer a B course), but when it is almost in your backyard, I hate to pass up the exposure to new sheep (trailered in) and new pressures.
Yoko has had pretty easy going sheep for some time now. The new sheep posed a few challenges with turning on her along with stomping and nodding at her. She just turned two yrs. and still needs lots more mileage on different sheep and in different places. Since most our winter work is in the open desert, that doesn't present much pressure. The arena and the obstacles present a whole new ballpark of pressures.
Yo doesn't have a ton of push, but has a relaxed way about her that sheep like. Totally the opposite of her mother, Kilt. Sheep fear Kilt. That makes Kilt a fabulous ranch dog, but doesn't do a whole lot for us on the trial field. LOL Yoko should trial easier than her mother. Whether Yo will stand up to ranch work like her Mom remains to be seen. Although Yoko did beat and win the last advanced ranch trial she was in against her parents and others. I just have to let her grow up and give her as many good experiences as possible :0)

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