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Saturday, December 5, 2009

What?.....a shedding brace

This morning we stopped the stock trailer as soon as we hit the desert. You can see a homestead in the background. It was BRUTALLY cold and windy, so we didn't drive to my secluded hills. "Just dump them out here, dear." My husband came along since it was Saturday. He stayed in the truck with the heater on. He said, "I don't know how you do it." haha You gotta be TOUGH and LOVE what you are doing! Look at how gorgeous the sky is this morning? That in itself is enough to get me out of bed!

Yoko is just learning to shed. My 8 sheep are hard to split into two groups at times. Kilt has no problem. So I use both the girls while I am shedding. Kilt separates them and holds them apart while I practice calling Yoko in with a here while patting my leg and speed her around me with a flank. Yoko is learning to come behind me the way I am facing. As soon as she is zipping in behind me, I will let her choose to come in front of me versus behind me.
Does that sound unorthodox? LOL.....most likely. With all 3 of my Border Collies I taught them to shed in each their own manner. All 3 were different. Jet never really had to be taught to shed. It was "game on" as soon as I called him in. He came in like lightening right from the beginning. Kilt is just starting to become comfortable with shedding. She couldn't break her eye off her sheep to come here to me. It has taken her a long time. She enjoys it now. Yoko is just starting to shed; painfully slow at first and not wanting to come "here" to me (like her mother). It just takes consistency and time.
I have found out that the dogs really enjoy working together. They aren't stupid, that's fer sure. They know exactly whom I'm working with at the time. Occasionally I'll have puppy stupid jump in when it's not her turn or I will have her mother, Kilt insist that the other dogs don't know as much as she does or Jet will pretend to have selective hearing if he thinks we have passed him by on his turn. But, all in all, it's lots of fun. I enjoy working them all together at times and I know they enjoy it. They "grin" from ear to ear.

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