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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blind outruns in the desert

http://www.youtube.com/user/2BCsNme#p/f/0/_6Uox7M7I-g (Kilt, 5 yrs. old)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMk65WkThhY&feature=youtube_gdata (Yoko 22 mos.)

Some of you have said you enjoyed looking at my desert pictures. Here is a December morning that was picture perfect. It warmed up from 30 degrees to almost 60 degrees and I spent close to 4 hrs. in the desert with my 3 Border Collies. Sometimes we just sit there and do nothing. :0)

I try not to drill, but try to work on different elements. Today I parked the stock trailer up by the desert hills. I practiced with all 3 outrunning around the hills and walking up (looking up) at their sheep on top of a hill.

I also set a flake of hay into what looked like a meteor crater on top of a hill (really wierd) and had the dogs square flank side to side while the sheep ate their breakfast. That was an exercise Jennifer Ewers gave me the other day.

Hey, BTW, I'm pretty much known for doing my "own thing," but the other day I drove over 4 hrs. to Jennifer Ewers ranch in Campo for lessons. I liked her; I liked her style. I liked that my dogs loved her. I liked that she studied my dogs, me, etc. I felt like I got my moneys worth. She gave me some neat exercises to work on. We worked on Kilt who is not a natural outrunner like Jet and Yoko. I think we fixed her (in 2 lessons).

Not to digress, after flanking exercises, and driving exercises, I moved on to having Jet drive and HIDE the sheep for the girls in the hills. Forget having a brace, I have a TRIO. It is not unusual by myself in the desert to be working all 3 dogs at different times. They best not move until they hear their name. K-I-L-T....the only one who continues to screw up. She feels no one can do the job better than she.

The above videos are of Kilt and Yoko working on their blind outruns. They were taken on my i-phone. It's pretty difficult to film from my phone and give commands at the same time. But, thankfully the girls fly solo pretty darn well. I hope you enjoy the short flicks.

I can't tell you how therapeutic it is to go to the desert with my sheep and my dogs. Sometimes, I just sit and read while they tend their sheep. Other times, I hike miles with them learning new lessons. Whatever, I'm sure it's good for my soul and they all love it, too.


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Wow, First of all, I can't beleive Kilt is 5!! She is doing great. Yoko, she has come so far and is a wonderful dog. You have done well wiht both of them!! I am impressed.

gvmama said...

It's a journey...a journey of love.
It keeps me alive. We "really" don't impress many (I'm sure), but FUN? Oh my gosh......

Anonymous said...