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Monday, December 7, 2009


I came across this photo of our (now) 11 yr. old Lab. Don't worry...it was just a very poor take-off with a photographer right there to catch it. That PVC has some spring to it! hahaha
Xena has qualified for the World finals 5 years in a row with Wayne. We don't do competitive agility with her anymore. At 11 yrs. old she is the soundest dog we have ever owned. Even the Vets can't believe she is 11. They wish they had 3 yr. old Labs see them in the condition she is in. She will be greatly missed the day she isn't with us anymore.
Yoko and I went and watched an agility trial last Sat. Yoko and I might do some obstacles for a few minutes a couple of times a month. My husband teaches agility classes. I have never seriously thought about running her in agility. It's been all about sheep. But, you know, I think I have missed all of the agility folk. We had a lot of good friends in that sport.....many are still lifelong friends. When Yoko does run a few obstacles she gives 100% just like she does on sheep.
I'm seriously thinking of taking her to a show n'go (fun trial) when I get back from visiting my Dad in Florida next week.

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