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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trouble (JRT) The Queen

Trouble looks a bit worried with the photo of the Bald Eagle behind her on the computer screen.

She is sporting her new camo jacket from Walmart. We both got new shirts from Walmart for $8 each today. Trouble doesn't like itchy sweaters. She likes to be warm, but she is rather particular as to what she will wear. Her camo is lightweight and feels like velour so it is a perfect house coat for her. We keep our house in the upper 50's/low 60's, so in order to be comfortable she needs a little something. :0)

Do not let Trouble's small stature fool you. She rules the house. We have 4 females and one male. Jet, 9 and our Lab 11 are part of the original 3 musketeers along wtih Trouble. They adore each other. The BC females (Kilt and Yoko) only play with Trouble when she invites them. If Trouble gives them a quiet "eye"........Yoko and Kilt will give a wide berth. They know who rules around here. This is good. One needs to know their place.

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