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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friends visit me in Florida!

I came down to Florida to visit my 92 yr. old father and give my brother and his wife a bit of a break from care giving while I am here. Lucky me. I'm only going to be here 6 days and I'm going to see some of my best friends. Yahoo....Merry Christmas early.

Pam Mueller came today. Pam Mueller came to visit with Jif, her Border Collie and with Tik, her Border Terrier. This was my first time meeting Tik. God love those "terriers." Pam was about 90 minutes away in Fort Lauderdale taking canine rehab classes. Pam is a recent grad from Cornell Vet school and is working in Pennsylvania at a rehab clinic. Imagine my good fortune that she just happened to be in Florida the week I flew down here!

We had lunch and then ventured to the beach to let the dogs have a good run. I only had my pocket camera with me, but both of her dogs are good posers, so I got some great photos. After catching up on girl talk we came back to Pop's place and my sister-in-law cooked up a seafood platter with a little of everything from the New England Fish Market. A little wine, some fabulous fish, and good talk around the Christmas tree with lots of sweet treats. The time went by too fast.

Pam is my good buddy from agility days and she also runs Jif in pro-novice. All BCs have their OCD weirdness and one of Jif's idiosyncrasies is that she likes to climb trees. Pop had some perfect palm trees for her to climb. And, let me tell you....she gets way up there. I thought she was going for a coconut!

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