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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Foundation sire of my Aussies

Pictured Weldon T. Heard D.V.M. shedding sheep with 14 yr. old Sisler's John

Way back when......I had Aussies. I spent several days with Dr. Heard on his Colorado farm. My best two Aussies were sired by Jay Sisler's John. Both were working fools. You would have had to shoot them with a tranquillizer gun to get them to stop working. I'm sure I was the subject of much gossip back then. Their dam was Chili of Flintridge, a granddaughter of Harper's Old Smokey. Some people like to say that "John" was part Border Collie. We'll never know, but I can guarantee you I had some of the best working Aussies around. Even today, I miss them. My last two Aussies are buried on our property. I'd sure like to get another one, if it could work like the ones I had decades ago. I guess...best leave well enough alone. I'll just keep those fond memories.

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