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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let the good times roll....

Sage the hound came to visit. All the dogs were happy to see her and introduced her to the agility arena. She did the tunnel and the tire and a few low jumps.

Bob Singer brought his 4 Border Collie boys to visit and also, to have dinner with us and my dear friends from the Tahoe area, Greg and Meridy Jewers. Greg and I have been friends for decades. He is retired from the forestry department. Bob is a retired entrepreneur. Me, well, I'll probably never be retired :0)

Morning cribbage time. A good day for me starting with a 20 point hand. I stayed about 20 points ahead of Greg through the whole game. Whoo hoo! See how happy he is.....NOT.

After dinner, 5 of the 10 dogs that were in the house played a few games. Here they are doing the ring toss. Trouble starts it by passing the ring to Jet, Jet to Yoko, Yoko to Bart and Bart to Jeddie. Jeddie then takes the ring and places it on the post. Whatever dogs are around is who we use. No special order.

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