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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The sheep went to breakfast

Got to the desert at 7:15 a.m., 28 degrees, and not a breath of wind. When there is no wind it is like a day at the beach. Blow a little wind chill factor to it and I wouldn't have lasted an hour. This morning it was nice enough to work for two 1/2 hours.
When Wayne wasn't polishing his truck, I gave him and Jet a few pointers. Jet has been taking advantage of him. The two of them (Wayne and Jet) both have "selective hearing." Must be a guy thing. I showed Wayne how not to let Jet have his sheep if he didn't flank correctly. As beginners we all want to just stand there like a pole. Heck, there is a lot to watch. So we started with the basics. The dog is coming too fast, step into him, dog is coming at a nice pace, step back and let him have the sheep. Dog doesn't take the first couple of steps correctly on the flank, down him. Only let him have his sheep when the flank is what you want. Basic stuff, right? hahaha This is good. This gives the hubby a chance to see that there is a little more involved to this working sheepdog stuff.
When it was time to load the sheep, I told Wayne go ahead and let Kilt load them up for you. He said, "She won't listen to me." "It's okay," I said, "just get her up on her feet and flank her." I should have known when it took 5 commands to get her off a down into a stand position it wasn't going to be pretty. "Come bye Kilt," he said, and wham bam, thank-you mam, she flew into the sheep, tail in the air and took her licks while she could. Bad dog Kilt. That is the fastest ever I have seen the sheep load.
We took the sheep to breakfast.
Wayne said, "See, I told you she wouldn't listen."
I paid for breakfast. It was the least I could do. :0)

Congratulations to Yoko's brother (Moses... pictured with Jeanne) for winning the USBCHA Novice class this weekend in Wa. This was his 2nd time to the post with Jeanne in this venue and their 2nd win!

I'm beginning to think about repeating the Jet/Kilt cross :0)

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