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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hold that line...

"Bobby Dalziel came to town last week. I took a lesson from him. One of his suggestions with her, was to stop gathering altogether and just drive. Drive, just as she starts a training session, while she is fresh. The reasoning was that she was proficient at gathering, but what needed work... "

Basically, I am done with outrunning for awhile with Yoko. She can do a 500 yd. outrun with the best of them. She won't be two until mid January. She is a fetching fool. I "always" drive with her first thing when the sheep come out of the trailer. So, it appears that I am in good company with the above quotation from Bobby to Amanda :0)

Today I took time to drive at least 1/2 mile each with both of the girls and I am going to do more of this when I go to the desert. I stay to the side of the dogs while they are driving or drop behind them at least 100 to 150 feet from them. And we just go and go and go........ I try to say nothing, but an occasional soft "there' when they are doing a nice job.

Kilt has to be reminded to "walk." Yoko is just trying to be fluent and wear as necessary to keep a line. The less I interfere with her the better she does.

It's obvious that the biggest hole in my trialing is "driving." This is where I lose most of my points. So it makes good sense to me to put more practice into this area of work. Uh duh!

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