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Friday, November 13, 2009

700 yard outrun

Wayne and Jet helped me set up outruns for the girls in the desert today. We basically worked in the hills. I am working on blind out runs and getting the girls (Yoko and Kilt) to come in deeper behind their sheep. It was extrememly helpful to have my husband, Wayne there to help out on walkie talkies. This isn't for couch potatoes. I bet I hiked, walked and ran several miles myself this morning while working the dogs.
Kilt doesn't have a "natural" kickout at the 3/4 marker on the way out to get her sheep. Thank God, Jet is the king of outrunners and his daughter has inherited the good genes. Kilt has more eye and is drawn in towards her sheep. She is getting better, but still needs to be further back at the top. I had to get on her her about 5 or 6 times with running to her and telling her to "Get Back" this morning. Her last outrun was the above photo with the sheep set at 7oo yds. behind a hill on the ridge. When Kilt got to the 3/4 marker she could spot her sheep and started to veer in. Wayne radioed me to let me know. I counted to five and as I was just about to blow my whistle she kicked out on her own and came in beautifully deep behind her sheep which I could not see from where I was standing. Wayne said she stopped herself before starting her lift and began her walk up. SUCCESS! End it on a good note.
Yoko is a dream. If I asked her to do two back flips she would attempt it. Her first blind outrun she ran too wide and I gave her a walk up whistle. She veered in on the walk up whistle, slowed, and then caught sight of her sheep. She flanked out and then to her surprise there was Wayne with a stocking cap and radio. Yo was thinking...Ahhhh What/Who's that? She ran hesitantly up to him and then started wagging. Wayne pointed to her sheep and she happily went right back to them to pick them up. Too cute. I never say anything when things out of the ordinary happen like that. Shit happens.
I gave her a couple of "Get backs" on another outrun which she took better than her mother. Her last outrun I gave her a "Get back" at the 3/4 marker and she kicked out and went at least 75 yds behind her sheep. Again...quit while you are ahead!
I only have about 4 mos. of working in the desert (weather, snakes, etc.), but our time out there is absolutely invaluable.

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