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Monday, November 30, 2009

Riorun Jet

We are so blessed to have been so lucky to have Jet come into our lives. I can't imagine my life without him. He taught me to be the trainer/handler I am today. It wasn't me teaching him; it was him teaching me. He came to me from Patrick Shannahan, bred by Evie Kimberly at 6 weeks of age. He was already focused and running the dogwalk and doing tunnels by 7 weeks of age. He taught me all about clicker training. He makes me look good. He is difficult to beat in the agility arena and he is my first open stockdog. We have done several TV shows traveling to New York performing on the David Letterman show. He has performed at many dog events including performing in the hospital where I work for Nurses Day. He is well known by his close friends for being lost in a forest fire for 2 days when he was 2 yrs. of age. He is now 9 yrs. of age. He has slowed down now. As I write this he is lying by feet. I know I will never have another dog like Jet in my lifetime.
Last night I had a friend come by with 4 of his Border Collies. We challenge our dogs to "think" and be "creative." My friend came up with a behavior that was difficult for the dogs to figure out. After several failed attempts by several BCs, we called for Jet. Jet was upstairs sleeping on our bed. We heard him gallop down the stairs. He walked into the kitchen. I asked him to figure out the problem set before him. It took him maybe about 2 seconds. He looked up at all of us, yawned, and we heard him walking back up the stairs to bed. It was like he said, "Call me when you really have a challenge for me."
Jet, an amazing dog. My friend. My soulmate.


Jeanne said...

You are truly one of a kind. Thank you for giving your amazing son Moses, your looks, your brains, your zest for life, your amazing natural outrun and sheep sense and is my soulmate.

gvmama said...

Moses will teach you like Jet taught me. No doubt, no doubt.