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Sunday, November 29, 2009

South fork of the Kern River

We had hiked parts of the preserve, but not "the preserve." The weather was perfect, so we decided to go for a mile jaunt with the dogs. The Kern in the fall makes me think I'm back east. We have been there many years in "snow" and were thankful for 60 degree weather this year.
Here's Wayne with the 3 dogs we brought....Jet, Yoko and Trouble. Great fun crunching through the leaves. Kilt had to stay home because she was in season and Xena the lab stayed home to babysit Kilt. I was especially sad that Xena didn't get to come. She is 11 and has been coming to the Kern since she was 4 mos. of age. Next year.

After about a mile hike, Wayne said, "Hey, where's the leash." This was my extra special leather lead Jeanne got for me. Ugh. We hiked about a half mile back and didn't find it. I told Yoko, Trouble and Wayne to wait in the truck. I gave Jet the scent of leather and told him "find it." About a half mile up the trail, Jet is standing at the side of the path wagging his tail. Yup, there's the leash. What the heck am I ever going to do when Jet is gone?

An unusual character to run across in an audubon preserve! Yoko was ready to take it on! Yoko loves cows. If we say "cow" in the car, she hits the window growling.

Another unusual find in a pristine preserve. The dogs investigated this odd looking creature.
After the "cow," and hearing other mooing and gunshots in the distance, Troubie and her pal Yoko are "on guard."

Yoko can find water anywhere. We call her "The Beav." Moses and Yoko are the superb swimmers of this litter. We can't get her out of the water. You need a net.

Trouble always searching for high look-outs. There might be a possibility she will be someone's Thanksgiving snack!

No nonsense Jet joins in some frivolity with is daughter Yoko. Heck, it's a holiday. And, Kilt stayed home and he got to come!

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