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Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Grandma, what's for dinner?"

Yep, that's my granny, bless her heart, Garnet Marie deMerci. She wouldn't let anyone call her Garnet. She could hunt down dinner, cook venison, and drink a 5th of Vodka all in one day. She was a Registered Nurse during WWI. She also was quite a horsewoman. How old does that make me? Yikes...almost 60. Grandma could make a mean blueberry pie, too. I remember those days. I adored her.

What do we have in common? Well, I know I couldn't kill an animal. Though, I did catch and had mounted a sail fish that I caught while visiting her in Florida. I did inherit deMerci as my middle name. We are both Capricorns. We both are Registered Nurses. I showed horses most of my younger life. I don't think I could drink a 5th of Vodka at one sitting, but I could drink a few guys under the table in my heyday. :0)

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Jeanne said...

Now that's "one fine animal". Your birthstone is a Garnet, I do believe. Love the pic and the history. Thanks so much so sharing it. Your Grandma would love to watch your herding, no doubt, no doubt.. She'd probably take your crook and send your dog!!