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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I have always been training something...

No matter dogs or horses...you name it, I have always been training something. This was my last mare I picked up off the race track. Three times flipping in the starting gate and I got her for a darn good price. Siete Bars and I met up with the now late Clyde Kennedy. After a few fun years together I sold Siete to Susie Hutchison (still actively jumping) and to the late Jimmy Williams. Susie was impressed with Siete's jumping (double bred Three bar mare) and Jimmy was impressed with the tricks she knew. See...that trick training is just in my blood. :0)

I did my own stockhorse training. I had a little quarter mare that my folks bought for me at 6 mos. of age. I was 7 yrs. old at the time. By the time I was 16, I was winning major events across the midwest including the American Royal. That's another common thread. I did my "own" training with my horses just like I like to train my own dogs. Before dressage was such a big event, my little quarter mare could change leads down the center of the arena every step. I trained kids on her to do gymnastics and she used to drag us around the barn with us skiing behind her holding on to her tail. That mare was worth her weight in gold.

Now I have gone to the dogs. I still have enough tack to outfit a barn. But, working dogs is my true love. And, it's a lot easier on my body than landing in the dirt going over those fences. My knees have taken a few hits from wayward sheep, but all in all it's an easier sport. Mind you, I don't mind being asked to do a bit of trail riding...just no more jumping picnic tables and breaking 2-3 yr. olds. Waking up at 6 am and working sheep has replaced those days.


Jeanne said...

When you've got it , you've got it! I have always known you are a Dog and Horse Whisperer, "no doubt, no doubt"!
(lucky and glad to have Walk-Up Moses, a Jet/Kilt pup)

Bonnie Block said...

Great stuff, Suzanne! Love this story.
I used to compete against Susie Hutchison in the jrs. and I eventually ended up being an assistant to Ken Nordstrom (who worked for Jimmy) for many years.
I am sure we crossed paths many times in the early years!
And--me too--gone to the dogs. :>)