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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Pacific Northwest trip

The weather was picture perfect for the Whidbey Island trial. All of our dogs ran well. Kilt was 2nd in PN and ran her best Open non-comp run ever. Jet had 2 nice open runs. He timed out on the pen the first day with an evil lamb that would have nothing to do with the pen or other sheep. Sunday he received a 75 with a beautiful run. Unfortunately we just skirted the fetch and one drive panel. I hated to give up those points. I gave Yoko a "get out" on her outrun in Ranch which she took and she received 3rd or 4th out of 20 plus dogs. I never had to say "get out" again to her at the other trials. That pup tries so hard. She makes me smile ear to ear.

From Whidbey, after visiting with my Navy son, we went to Diane Pagels farm in Carnation, Wa. Deltabluez stockdogs. She lives right by Snoqualmie Falls so we re-visited the falls while we were there, too. She has a beautiful farm and all of the dogs had fun. We made dinner for Diane and her husband and spent the night. The dogs had a chance to work lambs, herd a turkey and visit with the farm cats. Yoko had never seen a turkey. But after her initial shock, she was okay with him, but she wanted nothing to do with him since there were sheep in the pasture.
Yoko's initial shock photo upon spying TOM tukey all ruffled up.
Her neck looks like an accordian and her tail is tucked hahahaha

The weather started to warm up for the Ewesful Acres in Longbranch, Wa. Yoko (Murphy's law) was in full standing heat for this trial. Jet was a wreck. He ran a poor open run on fiesty barbs, but managed a 55. Thankfully, the maltese cross is his specialty. I scratched him the next day, because he was chattering and slobbering over Yoko. He couldn't even think. Kilt received a low score in PN, but I actually liked the way she worked. She drew up 2 Barbs and 2 Scottish Blackfaces (what a mixture!) She gave several bites which the Wales judge allowed. Yoko ran 3rd in Ranch...cute as a button. As soon as we entered the trial field, the judge said "Send her." He didn't want us to walk 100 feet up to the post, because she was ready as she came through the gate. :0) He felt Americans spend too much time trying to right things at the post. If the dog is ready coming onto the field...send them.

YOKO never forgets a friend...pictured at the Ewesful Acres SDT

Pictured is Yoko with Rick Boudrieau in the Pacific Northwest. Yoko met Rick when she was 4 mos. old last year. She was quite ecstatic to be meeting him again at 16 mos. of age. Yoko is a little picky about whom she warms up to, but once she has given you the nod, she isn't about to forget you.

Pictured is Moses (Yoko's brother) with his sire and dam. Moses belongs to Jeanne and Rick Boudrieau. They are the "happiest" pups around LOL

Pictured "clamming" with dear friends on the Hood Canal. The dogs swam while while Wayne raked and I took pictures. We ate about 100 clams that evening. They were awesome. Can you see Mount Ranier in the background?
Trouble left us clamming on the beach to do her own rock climbing for what seemed like hours. There had to be a critter in there, fer sure!

We camped at several awesome places, one being at Silver Falls just outside of Salem. It is Oregon's largest state campground (9000 acres and 10 water falls). We could only spend one day at the Scio Sheep Thrillz trial. Ian really tried to do it right. He brought in over 300 non dog broke suffolks and some other large white faced sheep. Bev Lambert gave a shedding clinic and judged. It was in the 90's and they had tents and misters up which made it nice. The girls (Kilt and Yoko) got to run twice on Thursday. Kilt didn't have her listening ears on, but the judge came over and gave us a compliment. NO pens were made all day. The sheep were tough to say the least. Lots of RTs, DQs and afternoon scratches. Yoko ran the best I have ever seen her do. She came in 1st and 2nd in Ranch. Yoko had the speed to cover which some of the other novice dogs did not. I was sorry we couldn't stay for the open classes (especially, since Derek won the Double lift)...but, we were homeward bound.

From there, we stayed just north of Tahoe with old dear friends in Quincy. This was our first trip to see their home they built on a side of a mountain in the big pines. What a treat. It was fabulous. Since we couldn't get the trailer up there, their neighbors about 1/4 mile away gave us a gorgeous spot in a pasture next to a river to park. The dogs swam to their heart's content. Both Kilt and Yoko give the Lab a run for her money when it comes to swimming. You can't get them out of the water. Old Jet and Trouble, the JRT cheered them on from the side lines. :0)

That's ALL folks! What a GREAT time was had by all. If you're wondering WHOSE THAT pictured, it is Diane Pagel's guardian dog FRANKIE. Isn't he just the happiest dog around! Looks like he swallowed a canary or got into the margaritas.

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WalkOn Border Collies said...

Great pix and report of the WA trials! Nice kennel name! lol Mine came about from a comment about from Blair's nickname of 'the wonderdog'. Was told by a big hat that perhaps it should be 'Jesus' instead...because he could walk on water. LOL Meaning it is a wonder he can work so well with me as his handler.
cheers Lani