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Monday, March 16, 2009

Xena (affectionately called Beanie or The Bean)

How does an almost 70 lb. Lab fit in an 11 lb. JRT bed? THIS IS HOW!

See, we aren't all about Border Collies. Xena is coming 11 yrs. old. No one could ask for a nicer dog. She is a Master agility dog/5 time World qualifier. Better yet, she asks for nothing other than an occasional pat on the head or a treat from time to time. She never insists on attention (like the Border Collies), she is never jealous (like the Border Collies), she is a huge fan of hikes in the mountains (like the Border Collies) and she hasn't cost us a dime in Vet bills (very UNLIKE the Border Collies). Hooray for one of the most wonderful Labradors in the world!

Here Comes TROUBLE and her guardian, JET

Trouble, our almost 7 yr. old JRT, is most likely smarter than all of my Border Collies (and I think my BCs are pretty darn smart). I constantly hear that dogs can't reason. HOGWASH. Trouble shows us her reasoning skills on a daily basis. Trouble is a sun worshiper. Every morning she is busy moving kennel pads, dog beds, etc. around the house to find the perfect sun spot to bask in. She is not about to lie on the cold hardwood floors. She also is a coercer. We call her T-REX because she can sit in a begging position and wave her stubby T-Rex legs frantically until you give in and give her what she wants. And, she always gets what she wants :0)

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Anonymous said...

Trouble the T Rex! Too funny! We have one of those too, named Nub. It is funny to watch him try and dig holes with his T Rex legs and big head:) We have three Border Collies, a Hanging Tree Cowdog and three Jack's, all rescues. Herding dogs and Jacks just seem to go together:)