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Monday, March 9, 2009

Riorun Jet

I don't think a lady could get as lucky as I was to receive Jet as a first Border Collie. Besides being an extraordinary agility dog, trick dog, and TV star, Jet is a wonderful sheepdog. He comes by it naturally due to his breeding. His sire, Montegal's Roy (deceased now, but not forgotten) was a finals contender/winner in almost all of the biggest trials in the U.S. His mother came from Wales and was of the Eryri linage. Jet was bred by the late Evie Kimberly and sold to me by Patrick Shannahan.
If I asked Jet to stand on his head, he would try. He is the most loving dog to all creatures, great and small. He wouldn't harm a flea. That's just his nature. Even with his gentleness he has lots of stock savvy. Thus far, we have only trialed in 4 USBCHA Open trials. Jet has come in 5th at two of the four trials. Our 4th trial was Great Western and it was Jet's first time doing a dog leg fetch AND his first time shedding "collared" sheep (from two different flocks). He received ZERO off his shed, pen, and single. The course time was 8 min. and he had time to spare. Jet is coming 9 yrs. of age and I am pretty proud of him and our accomplishments. We made it to the open division without having our own sheep and with limited stock work. We just kept plugging away enjoying every bit of the journey and look forward to the years ahead. For all of you novice people and weekend sheepdog hobbyists our story should give you lots of encouragement!

Jet pictured at 8 1/2 yrs. of age. And, he did it all on 3 legs (no....just kidding)

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Jenny Glen said...

I had no idea Jet was family! Scott owned Roy's father Sweep and Roy's littermate Fly. Almost everything in our kennel is descended from Sweep.