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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life in general

I really enjoyed the Aled Owen clinic.  He reinforced what I already knew and taught me some new skills, too.  What I really liked was his method...KISS,  Keep It Simple Stupid.

I may try to do a couple of trials this summer, but I am saving my money in case I need to go back to California for another trip or for whatever unexpected things comes up.

The dogs won't mind.  We hike the property every morning and I will try to get them over to work sheep a few times a week and start back up with lesson for Champ every other week with Maggi after Vashon is a done deal.

Meanwhile, Yoko is still doing her weekly nosework.  She enjoys that more than sheep trialling, because it involves FOOD and God knows this dog likes to EAT.  I have always said her demise will be when she eats something toxic to her.  She shows no discretion as to what she will gulp down.

Lots going on in life right now.  The Green Valley house just went into escrow.  Now we have to cross our fingers and toes that the well inspection goes as hoped.  I haven't a clue what it is pumping gallons per minute, but we are about to find out.  No use worrying about it, until we hear the results.  Then, we either sigh a huge sigh of relief or freak out. 

Wayne has rented a mini storage place close to his work in Palmdale.  That way he can pack his boxes of tools and electrical stuff in boxes, depositing them in storage on his way home from work. When you live in a place for 30 years, it takes forever to get moved.  Thankfully, the toy hauler sold, the work truck is now gone, the boat is gone, and all that is left is some furniture (free to anyone who wants it) and Wayne's stuff.  Maybe, 3 boxes of my art stuff :0)

He has a lead on a studio apartment close to his work that he is going to check out this week that is available for rent.  Now, we have to play the waiting game.  That's the hardest part.

Meanwhile, on the home front volunteering at the Visitor Information Center (VIC) has returned to 4 hours weekly for the summer instead of the winter 3 hours.  I'm enjoying the fact that it is getting busier.  As soon as summer is upon us, we will likely see some 60-80 people during those 4 hour periods.  We keep 3 people on during the summer months.  Besides brochures, ferry schedules, phone books, etc. we sell shirts, sweatshirts, etc.  It's a hopping place.  I now have bookmarked on my iPad information on just about every question people ask of us at the VIC. But, guaranteed every day I volunteer, I hear something I have never heard before.  Several of the usual questions are, Which restaurants are open on Monday? And, what places are pet friendly?  I have those covered :0)

I want to try to make more time for beach combing and hiking in different areas of the peninsula.  Plus, it is just about kayak time.  While at the farmer's market the other day I saw baskets made out of kelp.  They were really interesting looking.  Besides trying out some seaweed art, I have boxes and boxes of shells that I need to string into mobiles.
The list is ongoing......

                                                          Ride until you hear the bell

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