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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Back on Track

For those of you who are not on Facebook, a little update.  Wayne came up for 9 days. He goes back to work this Monday.  He looked good.  What a difference a couple of months make!  Understatement.  His weight looked good (better) plus he was starting to get his strength back. It was a whirlwind of nine days.  I tried to balance 'On the go' with R and R, but you know me.  I always tend to over do.  I was gone for a day and a half at a sheepdog clinic.  I didn't leave Wayne anything to do, but he did lots for me anyway.
He had a chance to get to know our neighbors at the Kentucky Derby party I held at our house.  Plus, the weather while he was here was "picture perfect."  All of the wild flowers were popping out daily.  The property and house looked great.

Yoko (photo bomb) and wildflowers along the side of the driveway.

We spent lots of time exploring and driving around.  That is something we have always liked to do. We spent some time at Dungeness Bay.  Halibut season had opened and left over halibut remains washed ashore.  The gulls and the bald eagles were feeding on the remnants.

I got a lucky bald eagle shot :0)

Here's bald chomping on some halibut.  That was the windiest day ever on the bay.  Sometimes the weather some 10 miles apart is totally different than what we get in Happy Valley.  We face the mountains.  We appear to get more rain, snow, and less wind than those that live by the water.  This is a good thing.

While Wayne was here it was a 'Birder's paradise.'  Gold finches were everywhere and we had 4 birdhouses filled with Violet green swallows nesting.

We did okay in the 'eats' department.  Lamb chops, Dungeness crab, etc. etc. Wayne went out with the Breakfast club with me.  Lots of laughs and good chat.

Friday, the day before Wayne left, we had a magnificent, beautiful warm day.  We took our kayak over to the Cline spit where Wayne tried it out taking Yoko along with him.  When he retires in March, we will buy a second kayak, no doubt.

Wayne hadn't been over to Fort Hayden (Salt Creek Recreation Area) so we made a side stop there.  It reminds you of Tahoe with plenty of spaces to camp.

And, of course, we had to go up to Hurricane ridge, our Olympic National Park for a day.  Wayne had never been there before. It also was a warm, windless day on the ridge.  Amazing scenery :0)


Interesting to me is that Wayne really enjoyed my singing crystal bowls group.  He went 'both' Fridays he was here with me.  It is so meditative.  I was thrilled that he enjoyed it as much as I do.
He played several of the bowls the second week.

Much of his problem other than declining health and bad choices was loneliness and deep depression.  I'm the type of person that has a zillion friends, plus I make it a point to go out and meet people.  Wayne is very social, too, but for some reason he just became reclusive when I left.  The past is the past and I am leaving it that way.  Though he is aware I have a few 'trust' issues with him.  I am trying very hard to leave water under the bridge and get on with life.  Neither one of us are what I would call the jealous type.  Life is too short to concentrate on 'regrets.'  

I was wondering if the fields would fill with daisies at all this spring, but while Wayne was here we actually watched them grow!  Now, there are daisies everywhere.  No elk on the property this visit, but we did see the herd about 1/4 mile from here.

We spent lots of time talking and taking in the beauty of living here in Sequim at the John Wayne marina which is minutes from our house.  Sea otters and harbor seals drift along in the bay plus sea birds abound.  It is so peaceful at the marina.  This is where I used to take Jet all of the time.  He loved it here.

Meanwhile, we have a couple offers on the table for our Green Valley house in California.  Onward and upward and pray we can soar through the inspections.  

The drug head tenants are still not out of rental that is a disaster in Shelton, Wa. but we have listed the house as a "rehab/fixer upper" and we will see what happens.  Hopefully, the tenants will be out of there in 20 days.  We would just like to get out of this even-steven if at all possible.

Things are rolling along.  I told Wayne NOT to sweat the SMALL stuff.  It's all SMALL stuff.  Plus, if he needs HELP,  to ask for HELP.  I reminded him, I'm retired. I can help.

Soar on Jonathan Livingston.  Keep our dreams in your field of vision :0)

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Sweet dreams to you both...