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Saturday, February 20, 2016

There is sunlight

above the clouds.....

The CT of my lungs showed stable pulmonary nodules, the largest being 7mm.  Whoo Hoo.  I can go another year before another CT.  Ding Dong, the witch (cancer) is dead, the witch is dead.

Thank-you all who were thinking good thoughts for me.  You know, once you have cancer and surgery, and chemo, and radiation, that you also know there is a good chance it will rear it's ugly head again.  Getting a free year makes me sing with happiness in my heart.

Sheep trialling is being put on a back burner this year.  Both my trial dogs, Champ and Yoko, have a couple of open wins under their paws and I don't think they will mind if we travel, hike, and do some other things.  Maggie helped with Champ for almost a month, but he caught Giardia and was sicker than a dog (no pun intended).  He feels great now.

Yoko has started odor detection for nose work and LOVES it.  She has just started pairing food with the odors, anise, clove, and birch.  She goes to the start line like she is going to the post to start her outrun on sheep.  She is starting odor recognition and working car exteriors.  The nice thing about being in Sequim is they have fun matches we can enter for nose work.

I have started painting in watercolors and find it very therapeutic.  My grandfather was a true artist.  I just like to dabble and play around with it.  I'm a bit more 'primitive.'

I need to go to Green Valley at the end of the March.  Looks like I will be showing up for Easter once again.  This time, Jet won't be able to go to the Sunrise service with me.  I will take Yoko, his daughter with me this year.   Since Wayne has been in kind of hiding for a lack of better words, I need to get the house ready to be put on the market for sale.  You do what you have to do, eh?

Coming home, I will come up the coast if I drive my RV.  I want to do Quinault, Kalaloch, Ruby beach, beaches 1, 2, 3, and 4.  I have been to Quinault and Kalaloch before.  But, it's time I do the other beaches I hear so much about!  If I don't go to Calif. in my RV, I will come home, pack and take off again!

The 8 acres and slice of house (400 sq ft) below me SOLD.  Oh shit oh dear.  I haven't met the people yet.  They plan on building a home keeping the slice of house for a guest house.  I hope they build where I don't have to see their home and I hope they don't fence the elk out.  I think the elk will still come, because I refuse to fence my property.  I love them.  They can head up the other side across the pond and creek.  The Elk have been using my land to graze for decades.

This is a picture of one of the lead Bulls of the herd standing in my driveway during a rain storm.  Bonnie Block matted and framed it for me.  I gave it to the Chamber of Commerce.  The Director of the volunteers there actually became tearful when I gave it to her.  That was cool.  I thought they might be on elk overload, but I guess not.  This is good.

Gardening.  I love it.  I never had much other than my beautiful drought resistant roses in Green Valley.  Sequim is a gardening mecca wonderland.  But, a hell of a lot of work.  I even took a couple of gardening classes this winter.  I had 10 yards of mulch hauled in.  I am now doing some flowers around a couple of trees.  In fact, I just got back from the stone and tile place in town.  I bought scalloped bricks for around a couple of the trees out in the front yard.  Kilt came with me and met everyone there.  They loved her and the feeling was mutual.

I am still going to try to get up to hurricane Ridge in the next few weeks to try out my snowshoes.  They have 72 inches of snow there.  Yippee!  I have several girlfriends coming to visit this summer.  I'm looking forward to their visits.  Plus, I'm hoping I can attend the last few days of the sheepdog finals in Colorado in September and then do a week in Yellowstone.

Big plans for a gal that is looking for work.  LOL  One has to have goals :)

Update:  My secret admirer that sent the roses still remains a mystery.


Amy Coapman said...

Best news ever - congrats on your year of freedom, now make the most of it!!


Karen said...

Yay, good news on the CT scan!
You are such a busy, go getter woman. I need to get my arse in gear and get something accomplished.