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Friday, February 26, 2016

Decluttering...clearing my space and head

I had to laugh a few times while I was in downtown Sequim.  First, I stopped to use the public restrooms forgetting it cracks me up that they have classical music playing in the bathrooms 24/7.  Cows in the fields a few blocks away :0)  You have to love rural.

Then, I passed DQ.  A seagull always perches atop the DQ sign.  That makes me smile every time I see him there.  Today the Senior Citizen bus stopped there so everyone could get an ice-cream.  March 15th, they are giving FREE ice cream cones all day.  I imagine there will be lots of walkers and wheelchairs in the parking lot :0)

Every place you shop at here in Sequim the people bend over backwards to be helpful.  They SMILE and want to know how your day is going.  It is like living in a fairytale for me.  I have never been happier in my life.  In April I have already signed up for the Birder weekend on the peninsula.  I will be sailing out to Protection Island, bird watching at the Dungeness spit and looking for owls at night right across from where I live.  In May, I am going to go Halibut fishing here right in the bay with a local fishing guide.  Life is GOOD.

Folks, I am feeling so much better on a low dose of Trazadone before I go to bed.  Hallelujah!  It was getting pretty old waking up in tears in the mornings.  I have never been a depressed sort of person.  But, I understand that my heart was broken and I have been dealing with lots of changes.  I am taking a course on line called Self Sabotage.  It's really GOOD.  I deserve better.  I need to let go of the past.  Easy to say, but hard to do.

Decluttering is another meditation I am doing on line for the next 365 days.  I started with the garage.  I now have 5 shelving racks, a rolling garden rack and a rolling tool rack.  I still have tons of horse tack and photos to go through...the dreaded photos.

But, I went to a photography meeting last night even though I was dragging from visiting Maggi on Vashon for a lesson with Champ.  A place in town that does custom photography for just about anything was speaking.  I wanted to hear about their place.

I went there this morning and forked out more money than I have to get my Grandfather's oil painting matted and framed with museum glass.  I also bought a box for 500 photos from the guy working there to make DVD's for the family.  It will be my Christmas present this year.  I'm starting early :0)

Then, on to the house.  I hoard clothes and shoes.  Everything I haven't worn in the last 2 years is going to Good Will.  Notice I said TWO years, not ONE.  LOL  I have to save my fancy stuff in case something comes up....you know like New Years Eve or a Christmas party :0)

I'm still painting.  I'm still doing nose work with Yoko.  I have a number I need to call for the local 4H person in town.  I was told she knows everybody with sheep.  I have half barrel feeders behind the house that I am sure some of the 4H'ers could use.  They can have them for free.

I don't live where I could have a garage sale, but when the weather warms I may have a DECLUTTER sale...all items FREE at the farmer's market in town.  In fact I always wanted to give away everything in my house (I'm not sure about that now) and then live on a mountain for a month.  This is probably as about as close as I am going to get to that fleeting dream.  Haha  Roll over in your grave Wayne.  He would never approve.  So solly Charlie.  It's me, myself, and I now :0)

I'm loving having my VW Jetta back.  Thank goodness.  45 MPG on the highway.  Yea.  I can fill the tank for less than $30 and travel 450 miles.  It was one of the emission recalls.  They gave me $500 Visa (which i will be using towards Trouble's teeth) and another $500 for service and 3 years on the road service for free.  We don't have to smog here, so what da hay :0)

Whenever I get "all the shit" settled in my life, I may start my own on-line business helping others who aren't where they would like to be.  You keep hoping you can change the other person.  Before you know it your life is at the end.  I think the nurse in me and from my own experiences could be of help to lots of women who are afraid to venture out on their own.  Who knows.  For now, I'm staying in the present and will continue to clear my space and mind.

My best to you all.

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